Berthas Paradise & Fashion Pieces

UPDATE: gave us a nice little write-up calling out my bird cage specifically. Gotta love that!


I’ve worked with Henry from Big Bertha’s Paradise for half my life, helping run the store and collaborating on Fashion Shows from time to time. Most recently, he commissioned several pieces to closeout the main stage for Austin Fashion Week 2017.

Henry is often chosen for his high-end collections and truly wild flair to design and styling. He’s been a great friend forever and I owe a lot of my personal inspiration and ethic from working along side him and letting the creative energies feed off each other to make things that are truly monstrous.

These shows are always fun and a ton of work, but the backstage production for AFW this year was flawless. It was incredibly well staffed and smooth from our load-in and model fittings to hair and final dress/styling right before hitting the runway. I even got to take the stage this time along with Henry and our fellow stylist Edie!

Several of the pieces I created are shown below. See specifically the Birdcage, the Orange Cage, the Raffia Balls Neckpiece, and the Umbrella Hat. The rest of the styles came from Bertha’s Paradise and Henry’s personal collection.

Media for the show has been all over the place, but FashionX finally put up galleries which you’ll see below along with choice Instagrams.