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I’m Dylan Warren and this is Ledbetter Design

The name Ledbetter draws from my experience running a vintage store years ago. Twice a year, religiously, we trekked from Austin to Warrenton, TX for the massive biannual antiques festival that takes place prior to Round Top. Off the highway, we would turn into the tiny town of Ledbetter. It was the gateway to fields and fields of inspiration and merchandise (and the best chicken salad in the state). Over a decade since, I still get out there to search and to find.

InstagramCapture_6db7832d-b740-4065-b721-adf15f69640aThe delight and discovery I’ve had over the years are analogous with the experiences I create. I want to produce something you don’t expect, and I want it to be so good.

This site is a catch-all, for a number of active projects and passions. I have my hand as a maker and designer in a variety of different skill sets. As such, I’m learning and developing new methods to implement concepts as well as to problem solve my way through various works of art and production.

I can be reached at 512.981.6386 or for collaboration.

-Dylan Warren