Game Design In Process

As Ledbetter Design, I am currently working on Five game prototypes that will be brought to market within the next 24 months. While design finishes up on each, I am seeking partners for Art, Music and Engineering work on several of the titles. The scope of the projects is generally small and in the Indie Game space, though for example Chek – which I have already established – has very far reaching potential inside and outside of Video games.

Initial target platforms are PC, Pico8, playdate, as well as Apple Arcade and mobile. Going beyond, I would love to produce these for console eventually. Initial development is on Pico8 & Unity. The brief for each project is below:


  • Chek Basic – Simplistic Ruleset that drops the Bully System and Linking
  • Chek – Full Standard Ruleset. Currently have in-process build on Pico8.
  • Chek Nights – Replaces pieces with a standard pack of poker cards. Movement and scoring modifications apply. For development in Unity for various platforms.
  • Chek Beyond – Replaces pieces with characters and potential card mechanics. Adds powers and classes to standard ruleset. For development in Unity for various platforms.

Carve the Dark

Whereas Carve the Dark will have the appearance of a Shmup, in gameplay it resembles a Digger. The player ship moves from one side of the screen towards the other eventually trying to reach a stage boss in order to destroy/merge with it. The player’s ship is black and can only travel in white paths. When the core of the ship encounters the Dark, the ship is destroyed. The ship is constantly shooting ‘bullets’ that maintain their position on-screen and create paths for the ship to travel within the auto-scrolling stage. So the player is literally carving a path through the darkness.

The enemies of this game are ‘blooms’ (see explosions in Missile Command). They appear and on the battlefield and ‘shoot’ a beam of white  as they disappear. the white of the beam fades as well returning its path to darkness and disrupting the paths that the player has created.

Weapon pickups such as solid beam or spread etc add on to ship but also increase size of ship core. There is a natural trade-off between effectiveness of pathing and increased danger.

This game is designed primarily for black/white with none or minimal accent colors. Depending on the platform, we may get into Very trippy visuals and complex gameplay.

Relations in Spin

Relations in Spin is an endless field of spinning discs on which the player character travels. Player effects disc rotation and speed as their character moves forward (and around). Player will connect with other characters (players) through the journey forward – sometimes, travelling together perhaps all to briefly, and then parting maybe to meet again. It is a metaphor for the transitory nature of connections over time and our ability to affect our surroundings/ the effort it takes to maintain a relationship.

– See Journey and Unfinished Swan

FPH- First Person Hamster

FPH is a game in two parts. It is a Hamster Tube Builder and a First Person Hamster experience. Build your Hamster tube labyrinth in a variety of domestic and fantasy locations and then run it to find more pieces and concepts to bring home.

Game of 9s

Game of 9s is a ‘Press Your Luck’-styled game show replicant toned to ‘9th & Hennepin’ x Totoro. Richard Dawson from The Running Man. It is based on the Rule of 9s where adding the digits of the result of any integer n added to 9 produces said integer n  i.e. 4+9=13, 1+3=4 From this principle we have 9 doubles 18, 27, 36, 45 and their reverse as well as 9 triples and beyond 234, 567, 891 (8910) where 9=0 as a factor of this rule. The Values of resultant arithmetic are irrelevant to the core game design, rather we focus on whether a player can figure the resultant distilled integer n within a time limit and whether or not exists within the original string. i.e. 1321051621651315=7 however 7 is not an integral integer to the sequence. Hence the sequence has produced an ‘outlier’.

I have designs for a Money Puzzle Exchanger variant based on the Rule of 9s as well as a skill-based slot machine of sorts for actual Vegas-style Gaming.


In addition to the above, I have two conceptual twists on a Sonic-style platformer (fixing Sonic, and reversing Sonic). I’m working on development of all of the above design projects, but am open to partnering and/or publishing arrangements.