I Put a Spell on You

Our most recent video was a successful test run for upcoming Wren Wild productions. We danced to I Put a Spell on You by Annie Lennox.

It covered three takes on a two camera setup.  I took the raw video and cut it together at home in Premiere. This was my first real taste of video editing and it took… awhile. Next time will be quicker and the time after that as I master the workflow.

My goal was to capture the flow of the dance and sequence the tricks appropriately to the music. From all of the feedback we’ve received, I all but nailed that. Everyone seems to think it came from a single take! While that is how we normally perform, for these showcase videos I want the process to be more professional.

This was a test case for a series of dance videos we will be producing. We’re working with friends from the local Austin Soul/Blues music scene that we’ve been dancing with for years now and will be using their music to showcase our work, as a dual promotional vehicle.

As a fun aside, I have followed Adam Savage’s work on TESTED.com for a number of years, and he was recently promoting the Week of Making in conjunction with the White House. The impetus to create this video stems directly from that. It was our effort to celebrate makers and artists and dancers of all sort.