Ledbetter Production

LedbetterProduction.com is my dedicated Video Editing / Production site! I needed a place to show off the video work I’m doing for Wren Wild and assorted other partners. My reel is front and center along with a number of other works that will update as I add to the YouTube channel going forward.

I’m offering post-production services such as Editing (single source or multi-camera), color grading and audio mastering as well as After Effects work.

I’m also seeking partners for full-on Production services producing short or long-term content, music videos, instructional series and live-streaming.

Of course, I’ll share the background behind each production here with you, but the media itself needed a showcase. So. Also, fancy new logo for myself! Disney meets Terminator. I’m into it. 

(Notice the DTW makes the little grumpy face that I fall into when I’m working a project. I’m concentrating, alright? And now you can’t unsee it.)