UPDATE #makerpuzzle Scavenger Hunt

Adam Savage and Tested.com presented their community with a Scavenger Hunt for SXSW2017 here in Austin. As a daily visitor to their site, an Austin native and a puzzle enthusiast, I jumped all over the contest and set to decoding the clues with a number of friends over Slack.

There was a list of trivia questions in multiple sections leading to clue letters to be used in word jumbles that gave the location to 1 of 9 laser-cut puzzle pieces scattered around Austin to be assembled with Adam and Tested at a later date. Whew.

We were getting really close in a number of sections. Friends in design and engineering easily got a lot of the answers, but not quite enough to complete a location clue. Meanwhile, I was working feverishly on the list and managed to complete section 2 on Crafting / Textiles pretty quickly. At work. I finished it, but the location didn’t come together until I realized the last word of it was “J_ _ K” or JUNK. CATHEDRAL OF JUNK!  I shouted to an empty office and dialed their contact number immediately.

Thanks Gods I called. It took about half an hour in rain and traffic to get to the location in South Austin and the owner, Vince, kindly held the piece for me past a number of other community members that showed up just ahead. I called about a minute before everyone else.

Now I was pushing my time off work, but I’d been wanting to visit the Cathedral forever, and I had my Specs with me so what the hell. Enjoy my walking tour:

Apparently, I was the first to contact Jen to let them know, I’d claimed a piece. As of this writing, all but one of the pieces have been scavenged. We will meet up at the Thinkery on Tuesday afternoon (Pi Day 3/14, as it were) to film the puzzle assembly with Adam and the Tested crew!


UPDATE! The final video is up on Tested.com Adam and Jen talk more about the process of finalizing the puzzle and the hunt and you can see all of us Scavengers at the end assembling the puzzle for the first time!

I wasn’t able to get the Doog in any of this video sadly, though my friend Will (Doog’s owner) was pretty thrilled when Adam retweeted the pup and made him internet-famous. Doog has a three-picture deal in the works. That’s definitely true.