Playtesting CHEK

CHEK board

CHEK Ruleset

Ok, so this IS Havoc, specifically a refined ruleset of the Wolves variation.  I playtested a bit at PAX South 2018 and after feedback, have a solution to a core problem I’d been having with the prior version. Strategic depth in piece movement hadn’t come together just right yet. I could feel it there but with the addition of one extra mechanic, I think we have it.

Specifically, the Bully mechanic.

This is a very simple addition to the core gameplay of Havoc: Wolves. “BULLY: Attacker gets +1 when two or more of its own pieces are 8-way adjacent to contested space”  That’s it. The rules are still simple and understandable, but this should give motive to movement. Attacking 1v1 is still at a disadvantage since Defender wins Ties. Now though, instead of only drawing an attack, positioning and group movement have a greater effect and can provide advantage.

We don’t over-complicate or over-power the mechanic by keeping it at a constant +1 to roll. Those types of alterations may come at a later date, when we introduce card/hero/board altering mechanics, but for the base gameplay, I think we’re where we need to be. Now to test this version. A bunch.

*Oh and the name. Havoc was designed to fall between Checkers and Chess in terms of strategic complexity. The name Havoc has always been a working title, and I felt it needed a standalone name once I neared 1.0. Hence Chek, which happens to be halfway between Chess and Checkers alphabetically. Also, the word doesn’t exist so far as I can tell, so… bonus.