Screenprinting with ACR

Austin Creative Reuse has a truly compelling mission to promote conservation of materials and to build community through art instruction and sustainability. They operate a store-front that is essentially a thrift store for craft supplies. I’ve frequented them for months with my wife, Lindsay. We have had incredible finds and always seem to discover some new supply or material to incorporate into so many various projects.


We recently learned screenprinting in a free workshop held by ACR. The method was simple, utilizing contact paper adhered to the bottom of a silk screen. The design is applied directly (as opposed to mirrored) and is screened in relief.

Throughout the workshop, I took video footage with Snapchat Spectacles to document the process for later review. Since I had all of the footage available, I also went through and cut a promo spot in Premiere for their use.

It ended up being a ton of fun as we collaborated on a design as a part of a group and printed it on various materials. Lindsay cleaned up the design later by recreating it in Illustrator. Needless to say, it was fairly inspired by our current political climate. RESIST TX graphic