Specs at Night

specsI picked up a pair of Snapchat Spectacles recently and have been experimenting with POV video. They are easy to wear and operate, and realistically capture what I’m actually seeing. No other experiment in photography has come close to capturing that perspective.

The best use of the Spectacles lies in experiential filming. They push me to do more and more interesting things, just so I can get some great footage!

I bought them initially to get a unique perspective when dancing with my partner Misty, for Wren Wild.

I didn’t expect to actually film a music video with them… yet, but then I had a cut that went well with one of my favorite songs:

Happily it spits out  an easy to work with .mp4 file for editing. The footage is technically HD but quality varies by environment and activity as always.

I’ll be gathering more footage as I learn how best to use them, and I can’t wait to share it out!