The Balloon Collective

I’ve been working with Nate the Great and Stacy Pineapple for the last several months building massive balloon decor. We’ve done displays at SXSW, all over Austin, and Nate and Stacy have gone international with a massive build in Australia and another coming up in China!

They recently formed The Balloon Collective to unify their brands.  We gathered close to a hundred people to walk in Austin’s recent PRIDE parade. For these builds and events, I handle the media production, and this was a big job. I walked the entire parade backwards, shooting stills and video. We had an electric unicyclist wearing a GoPro and our fellow balloon artist LIsa McTwister used what amounted to a mega-selfie-stick (camcorder mounted to a monopod). I brought all of the footage together to produce the video below: