Turbo Chainz *Super Update II

I’ve followed GiantBomb.com for a number of years and have always wanted to send them a mailbag with some Fan Art. While I have a bigger project in the works, an idea popped up from a recent Bombcast (01h35m in), and I figured I could knock this one out quick and easy:

I thought that anyway. Clearly I did the thing, but surprisingly, finding a local copy of Street Fighter II Turbo was more difficult than I’d imagined.

I began my hunt on Wednesday, hitting several local game stores that carried older carts. Nada. I called around to their counterparts in the surrounding area. Nothing.  I hit up a local Flea Market on Saturday. There used to be a games stall there. But not this time it seems.

Yes, I checked eBay and Amazon, and while I could order a cart, that would be a hollow victory. I was in the hunt. I wanted to find this thing in the wild.

I did. But dammit.

All locked up when I first arrived

After walking the Flea Market for an hour I rolled back to the house somewhat defeated and planning to find the best price online. Then I remembered a local Mexican Market that had taken over an events center more or less down the street from me. Slightly adjusted my route and hopped in; the place is huge. A mini, more permanent version of a flea market selling everything from raspas to car audio, and all the quinceanera dresses you can imagine. I walked up and down the aisles looking for a games stall. Of course it was down the one row I hadn’t hit ’til the end, right by the damned entrance.

And of course it was locked up.

I think I found the stall and left roughly 15 minutes before the guy showed up to man it. Before I left, I managed some sleuthing. There was a case full of N64, NES and yes SNES cartridges smack in the middle. It was just far enough away however, that I could barely make out the labels to see what they had.

Whipped out my phone and super zoomed in. Got some shots of the case and then SUPER zoomed in on the phone itself.

This is what I had to go off

I could JUST make out Street Fighter II with the Blanca/Chun Li art in the middle. yes it’s super pixelated and hard to decipher. That’s what I had. While that would have worked for the project, I had passed up dozens of those carts in my hunt. I wanted Turbo edition or at the very least one of the Red Street Fighter carts as that would pair beautifully with the gold chain.

Moderately despondent, I decided to be thorough and looked over the rest of the inventory. Voila!

Ok so that is also really hard to see. That is the label with E.Honda Thousand Hand Slapping down Sagat. Boom. Turbo. Only I couldn’t buy it cause the damned place was still locked.

I went to work.

Then I went back and finally picked it up! I grabbed a yard of gold chain from a local Hobby Lobby (w/ 40% off discount code. not buying anything from them full price), got some matching hardware from Home Depot for a couple bucks and set to drilling. That took like a minute.

I had previously opened up the cart to clean and see where to drill. The top two corners seemed best in order to leave the game intact and working. Final assembly was super easy – just screwing everything together.


I really enjoyed the Hunt for this and the build was obviously pretty easy. I hope Jeff and the Bomb-crew enjoy it and will update if they show it off. It’s definitely dumb enough to fit their needs.

Update: It Works!

***Super Update II

They got it! Seeing Jeff wear the thing has made my day.